Touch-up Brushes

Mini Touch-up Brushes W/ Flex Tip

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Mini Touch-up Brush



Apply paint, adhesives and lubricants in those hard to reach locations with precision, with these touch-up brushes.

For most of us, pesky imperfections in our paintwork are an eyesore. That’s why E-Z Mix has come up with a solution that will benefit both professionals and beginners. Introducing your new restoration buddy: Mini Touch-up Brushes W/ Flex Tip.

Is your vehicle or furniture have those hard-to-reach spots? Don’t worry because mini touch-up brushes have got you covered. They are built for you to achieve precision that was once reserved for the pros. These brushes empower you to address those tiny flaws. With its flex tips, unintentional smudge will no longer be your concern. You can now touch up those hardly noticeable areas and give them a fresh look.