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Touch-Up Bottle



Clear Touch-Up Bottles are made of PET shatterproof, clear plastic.

Sometimes, it is just inevitable for your car to have minor damage. As small as they may seem, they can greatly impact your vehicle's overall appearance. Admit it or not, seeing some imperfection in your cherished belongings can be irritating. The first thing that comes to your mind is to go to an auto repair shop to resolve this problem. But did you know that you can fix this minuscule dilemma yourself? Featuring the E-Z Mix Clear Touch-UP Bottle—your ideal partner for touching up small areas and repairing your car paint.

Before painting your car, try the touch-up bottle paint on any metal can. You can also use some old pictures just to test the touch-up paint. After all, you don't want to inflict further damage on your car. You must carefully practice it with other objects to see if it's a good fit for your car. If the result is great, it is a green light for you to do it in your car. Let your paint dry properly if you want it to work.

The E-Z Mix Clear 2 oz. Touch Up Bottle comes with a lid and built-in brush. Now, you can immediately cover small touch-ups without investing much time and money. This will restore the former glory of your belongings in an instant. Don't let flaws diminish the appeal of your possession. Get Clear 2 oz. Touch-Up Bottle today and experience the difference it can make!