E-Z MIX® Anti-Static Spray Suits & Lab Coats(NEW!)

E-Z MIX Spray Suits and Lab Coats use Carbon Fibre Threads to dissapate electro-static charges and protect painters from harmful overspray. Because they are lint free, there are fewer defects on paint surfaces, limiting the amount of “re-dos.” The suits are made of a lightweight, breathable material to reduce body heat and have a three to four month life expectancy.

All E-Z MIX Spray Suits are now made with a special coating that is certified to protect painters from chemicals.


Spray Suit


Spray Suit

E-Z MIX® Anti-Static Lab Coats

Part No. Description Size Range
64042W Medium Lab Coat - White Medium 40-42
64446W Large Lab Coat - White Large 44-46
64850W X-Large Lab Coat - White X-Large 48-50
65254W XX-Large Lab Coat - White XX-Large 52-54
65658W XXX-Large Lab Coat - White XXX-Large 56+

E-Z MIX® Anti-Static Spray Suits

Part No. Description Size Range
74042 Medium Full Spray Suit Medium 40-42
74446 Large Full Spray Suit Large 44-46
74850 X-Large Full Spray Suit X-Large 48-50
75254 XX-Large Full Spray Suit XX-Large 52-54
75658 XXX-Large Full Spray Suit XXX-Large 56+

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