Mould Prep

71128 E-Z MIX® Mould Prep

E-Z MIX® Mould Prep

Easily remove double-sided tape. Mould Prep never wears out and can be used over and over. It increases productivity of employees by eliminated scraping for hours. Safe to use on chrome inserted mouldings and will not damage painted mouldings. With no volatile solvents, mould prep will not evaporate.

*Do not use with rubber moldings

*Do not use on plastic less than 1/2" thick

*Use caution with Honda, Mazda and Accura models 2013 or newer where moldings have a concave backside.


MSDS for E-Z MIX Mould Prep 71128




71160 Stainless Steel Soaker Tray


NEW! Stainless Steel Soaker Tray

The Stainless Steel Soaker Tray from E-Z MIX is the perfect container
to hold your Mould Prep. It is durable enough to hold up in the shop and
does not require a wall rack.

Part No. Description Quantity
71128 E-Z MIX Mould Prep Gallon 4/ Case 1 gal.
71130 E-Z MIX Mould Prep Soaker Tray 1
71150 Soaker Tray Wall Rack for the 71130 only 1
71160 Stainless Steel Soaker Tray with Lid 5' 1

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