79100 E-Z MIX® ColorMate



79025 E-Z MIX® ColorMate



ColorMatch & ColorMate

E-Z MIX® ColorMate

ColorMate Magnetic Spray Out Cards work great with Waterborne and Solvent based paints. Simply spray the magnetic card with base and clear coat and allow to dry. Apply magnetic card directly to vehicle’s surface to see the true flop of the paint, as the card will stick to the contour. Painters can verify colors from all angles and distances, without the help of a colleague. Save or reuse spray out cards.




79000 E-Z MIX® ColorMatch



E-Z MIX® ColorMatch

Original ColorMatch Cards also work well with both waterborne and solvent based paints.

Part No. Description Case Quantity
79000 ColorMatch Cards 250
79100 ColorMate Holder with 25 Magnets 1

25 ColorMate Spray Out Cards


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